Divya performs "Fraying Rope" in Metamorphosis Concert with LA Choral Lab

Divya's Soundwalk on Fox31!

Denver's WESTWORD features RAIN CYCLE


Denver Soundwalk opens in Cheesman Park!
Installation open through June 20th

Rain Cycle.jpeg

For the final month of spring, my soundwalk RAIN CYCLE is coming to Denver, Colorado! Check out the trailer below to get a sense of what a soundwalk is. RAIN CYCLE contains about 1 hour of music and nature sounds inspired by spring. It's open during park hours (5am-11pm), family friendly, and FREE (although donations to our chamber choir, the L.A. Choral Lab would be extremely welcome :)

SOUNDWALK: An Auditory Safari

Premieres April 11th | Installation open - May 16th

Produced by the L.A. Choral Lab, SOUNDWALK is an outdoor sound installation that will open in Griffith Park on April 11th. I am one of two composers who created a sonic sculpture garden using seven LA Choral Lab singers who recorded their parts remotely to 30 separate sonic 'sculptures' in the park. For more info on our Soundwalk, safety procedures, and Tickets, CLICK HERE!

Soundwalk Invite Flyer Horizontal.jpg

SAME, SAME, BUT DIFFERENT: A Virtual Children's Play

**Extended through May**

This virtual play produced by the New York City Childrens Theatre features animation and green screens but is also still very much a piece of theatre. And much like a piece of theatre, I was tasked with writing and producing the desired cues well in advance of the rehearsal process! For more info and Tickets, click here!

"Same, Same, but Different"

Best for Ages: 5-10

Runtime: 1 hour

Showtimes: March 8th - May 31st

"Baby, You Know What I Need..."

Listen to this naughty holiday jingle penned and performed by me and Daniel Weidlein here! Sheet music available by request.


Together with Daniel Weidlein, I wrote this little ditty and asked the wonderful Marta Olson and Kenton Chen to join me to encourage everyone to use their voice and VOTE!

Quarantine Songwriting 

Colleen Dauncey and I met in 2011 in Chicago at the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project, both of us as composers who usually set other writers' lyrics to music. This March, Colleen happened to be in Los Angeles (right before the pandemic lockdown hit) and we decided to try something new; I wrote a set of lyrics on my own, she set them to music on her own, and then we came together and figured out how to arrange the song into a three-part vocal with Daniel Weidlein jumping in to round out the trio!