"Rain" is the fourth movement of the choral suite RAIN CYCLE. Originally composed for seven singers, it can also be performed by a mixed choir.




Rush me along like 

A pulling current

Swelling river in spring.

Fall me down like

A hawk careening

Heart tucked under my wing. 


Settle me down 

In pillows of clover

Drench me on thirsty seeds.

Wet the tongue 

of  the bramble-berry,

Willow, aspen, and weeds.  


Rush me along

Fall me on thirsty fields, 

Over all that drinks and breathes.


How I’ve yearned for the earth below,

And she has yearned for me.

Scorched and withered, bruising heart 

Aching hands 

Blistered feet

All without awaits thee.


Rush me along

Fall me down

Over all that drinks and breathes.


LENGTH – 7min

STYLE - Folk Contemporary Choral