"Spring" is the fifth movement of RAIN CYCLE. Although originally composed for seven voices, it is well suited to a mixed choir. 



~ 4:32min



Contemporary Choral




Spring is come

Whiskers twitching

Tongue tasting the air


Wary footsteps

Eyelids blinking

Skin turned dry and fair


Memory of cold dreams only fleeting

Ready earth cocoons an eager seedling

Sapling breaks the soil with beaming shoots.

Pine tree lifts his boughs weighed down with sleeting

Rain only an echo, clouds race, fleeing

Rays of heat to thaw the brittle roots.


She wakes gently

Green limbs stretching

Cracking jaw and yawning earth


Sweeps away the shadow of his leaving

Crouching frost and bitter winds appealing

'Let me in, I long to billow through!’

Kindly still, she bids him to go wheeling

To another sky beyond the sweeping

Continent, to where the Fall is due.


Spring is come

Spring is come