This folk hymnal is a song from the new musical "The Mollyhouse," with lyrics by Richard Hanson. 




There’s a wishing well down in Donegal,

Under Alder trees, near the wood.

It’s the wishing well men can sneak to

For someone to speak to, to wish for good.


Once I found myself out in Donegal,

Saw the wishing well, small and old.

There, I bound myself to tradition,

And made a wish that cannot be told. 


I wished, I wished.


At that wishing well, down in donegal,

Men can speak their wish; it can be yelled.

But it’s the only place it can be spoken,

It’s the only place the wish is held.


I see that wishing well, from old Donegal,

In my mind, as I travel ‘round.

It felt like a home that I had forgotten,

Where I could make a wish, and not be found. 


I wished, I wished


Now, I'm far away from old Donegal,

I’ve learned that wishing can’t make it so

Seems it can’t come true beyond the wood

So as for wishing, well, I’ve let it go.


Hmmmm, Hmmmmm


LENGTH – approx. 3:14min

STYLE – Folk Hymnal



The Wishing Well (TTBB+T-Solo)